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Visitation from the Mothership of the Hunab Ku

by on Sep.03, 2008, under Uncategorized

hunab ku

Our show in Humboldt County, was a solstice celebration jam with the Starving Weirdos at their complex, nestled in the dunes in a town called Manila, on the isthmus between Eureka and Arcata. They have sweet little bungalows just minutes from the ocean and dunes. We had a cookout then meandered to the dunes to watch the sun drop into the ocean. From a little deck platform up there we had a sweet 360 view of the surroundings. The sunset was beautiful, and slowly transformed into something miraculous and mindblowing. Dark clouds formed into a field of sky quite discernible from the rest. It was like a giant mothership. In it’s center was an opening with tapered edges. This hole moved slowly towards us, with a stream of curved air cascading out from the portal hole. After a while this hole began shooting out lightning bolts. This is for real. It continued moving in our direction. It was as if Zeus was above throwing down the bolts of electricity. The entity later showed a mouth, and later changed directions, all as the sun was sinking into the ocean and appeared to be melting the billowing clouds in fields of color. The lightning persisted all night, surrounding us on all sides as we jammed in a covered porch for hours and hours and hours. Our local Humboldt friends said that lightning of that sort was a complete anomaly, even without the presence of the mothership. This event was one year to the day from the birth of Galactic Core as a band. We started as a recording project, recording at the Monkeyclaus Studio on Summer Solstice 2007 with myself and Brian and Abel recording for several hours. The lightning and the portal, the tunnels of curved wind were like a vision shown to us. I am still profoundly affected by this vision. I heard a few days later that this same anomalous lightning sparked over 800 wildfires in Northern California. Our trip has a supernatural feel already.


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  • maeg

    winged travellers,
    do not forget us. tell us more of your supernatural adventuring, of the summer tundra, of mosquitos and large elk. i want photos. i want psycho hippie sweaters. i want guitar shredding that shakes lightning bolts from the sky and leave craters in its wake.
    waiting with bated breath,

  • Dik

    Excelent. Your messages are really interesting. To have a good resource you should not only to add something, but do it interesting. You managed with it – thanks.

  • yani

    your blog is missing scratch and sniff “coo coo channel” cologne

    otherwise, its jammin !

    transcendentalize them spirits kids ! carry on.


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