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Yeti Quest Begins

by on Sep.03, 2008, under Uncategorized

maxx hugs yeti

The beginning of the Yeti Quest tour was affected by lightning and got silly fast. Maxx and I spent 30 hours in airports and airplanes to get from New York to San Francisco, due to lightning storms on the East coast which screwed up all of our connections. We slept on the floor of terminal 4 at JFK, near section 3 and the Dolce and Gabana add and not too far away from the Calder mobile. We lost our minds in the “airport babylon system”. Meanwhile, Dan was unable to travel south from Portland for our California shows because he had to move out of his house on very short notice. Brian rolled down with Valet, Honey and her posse, in the newly resurrected Misty Wings silver freedom van. They went for a swim in Lake Shasta but found it dried up??? We met up in San Francisco for two rad shows.

honey and van

We played at Noise in My Kitchen in the Mission which was a house show where we set up and played in the kitchen after the hosts had prepared some amazingly tasty vittles. We played first. We missed Dan’s bass rumble but still we were able to shred to some degree. Sister Ashby’s headbanging made it all worthwhile. After us Jackie played a crocheted blanket which had 16 speakers woven into it. She ran rad tape loops from 8 different hand held tape players. The blanket was beautiful, perhaps 16×8 feet, colorful and hanging half on the wall and half on the ceiling. It also appeared that she made her own amplifier. Valet played last with the full kitchen vibe potential finally realized. The room was crammed with dozens of folks, standing on counters and appliances, and the floor too of course.


Valet sprawled all over the room, with Brian Foote dropping in beats from the kitchen sink area. Brian Thackeray played all of the Valet gig’s as well as the Galactic core sets. It was an expansive and haunting sound. Ritualistic. Then we partied.

first yeti

The next night was a proper club gig at the Hemlock. We played with Kawabata of the Acid Mother’s Temple and Mason Jones, as well as with Valet again. Kawabata’s set was super deep. He also jammed with Mason Jones’ group at the end of their set. Valet was droney and deep. Our set was heavy and weird, with a krautish breakdown towards the end.

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Goat Rock: Baby Deer Totem, Eagle Eye, Cow Dodge

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goat rock yogaashby and jordan

We cruised up the Highway 1 all the way from SF to Fort Bragg on our day off. We stopped at Stinson Beach for snacks and suntanning and for scoping the babes. We then drove until we hit the Goat Rock for a sunset moment. This spot was like Scotland in California, craggy and hilly and awesome. Maxx ran like a wild antelope until her shoes broke. We did some photo shoots and yoga. This spot was epic. On the 1 we saw lots of baby deer, dodged cows in the road and we saw a golden eagle perched on the side of the road. We spent the night at the Surf Motel in Fort Bragg and watched a sweet television program about competing dance squads.

ashby\'s goat rock shot

jordan celebrates the r. kelly verdict

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Visitation from the Mothership of the Hunab Ku

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hunab ku

Our show in Humboldt County, was a solstice celebration jam with the Starving Weirdos at their complex, nestled in the dunes in a town called Manila, on the isthmus between Eureka and Arcata. They have sweet little bungalows just minutes from the ocean and dunes. We had a cookout then meandered to the dunes to watch the sun drop into the ocean. From a little deck platform up there we had a sweet 360 view of the surroundings. The sunset was beautiful, and slowly transformed into something miraculous and mindblowing. Dark clouds formed into a field of sky quite discernible from the rest. It was like a giant mothership. In it’s center was an opening with tapered edges. This hole moved slowly towards us, with a stream of curved air cascading out from the portal hole. After a while this hole began shooting out lightning bolts. This is for real. It continued moving in our direction. It was as if Zeus was above throwing down the bolts of electricity. The entity later showed a mouth, and later changed directions, all as the sun was sinking into the ocean and appeared to be melting the billowing clouds in fields of color. The lightning persisted all night, surrounding us on all sides as we jammed in a covered porch for hours and hours and hours. Our local Humboldt friends said that lightning of that sort was a complete anomaly, even without the presence of the mothership. This event was one year to the day from the birth of Galactic Core as a band. We started as a recording project, recording at the Monkeyclaus Studio on Summer Solstice 2007 with myself and Brian and Abel recording for several hours. The lightning and the portal, the tunnels of curved wind were like a vision shown to us. I am still profoundly affected by this vision. I heard a few days later that this same anomalous lightning sparked over 800 wildfires in Northern California. Our trip has a supernatural feel already.


blue balls

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Yeti is an Interdimensional Beast

by on Sep.03, 2008, under Uncategorized

There are many cliche notions of Bigfoot and Sasquatch etc. that have been incorporated into pop culture: movies, commercials, television. Our quest for the “Yeti” is mostly a quest into the collective psyche. It is also a fun idea for a tour; to follow the migratory path of the North American Bigfoot and to play heavy rock music.

Personally I believe in Bigfoot as an actual race of living creatures. One of my oldest friends from elementary school saw a “Sasquatch” in the Redwood Natl. Park while working for the Forest service. As with seeking any wildlife, the goal in viewing the creature is simply the experience of observing without disturbing, and discovering something inspiring and fleeting. This is even more exciting when a mythical beast is involved.

Some think of Bigfoot as a projection of the human-animal mind. Some think it is the missing link. Some think it is a solitary and elusive creature. Some think it is an inter-dimensional beast. Some think it is a mass cultural delusion. I happen to believe in many of these theories concurrently. I don’t really care too much to intellectualize. I do know that this has been a long term fascination and something which I intuitively believe in. I also know that native peoples and explorers and mountain peoples have recorded sightings and encounters for many hundreds of years. I am particularly interested in folklore and oral history pertaining to Bigfoot.

My friend in Portland said this to me over lunch the other day- “Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional creature.” Of course I knew this already but his choice of words was the best. Slipping in and out of dimensions and overlapping layers of reality is highly feasible in my mind. We use a ridiculously small portion of our brains and tap into a fraction of the potential of our consciousness. The reality that surrounds us is highly subjective, very mysterious and bigger than we can imagine.

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HAARP or “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”

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Weird stuff is going on in Alaska. Weird government stuff. Read up on it. Google it. It is very interesting/scary. That is all I can say now because I am too tired.

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White Leather / White Cockroach

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We met back up with our brother and bass player Dan Barone for our Portland show. We did this show also as a collaboration with Valet. We had 7 folks on stage and we played a nice trippy set which slowly progressed into a riff heavy breakdown. After the show we met Dan Wilson, a fellow living in Portland who originally grew up in Fairbanks Alaska. A few days prior Ashby had mentioned that her friend Dan wanted to come with us. We talked for a bit and arranged for him to come along. Right away he booked us two more shows in Fairbanks, and joined the band.

Darth Wilson

The next day Barone was finishing moving out of his house and was getting rid of a lot of weird accumulated domestic detritus. DB walked out of the house to the bon fire where we were burning trash and handed me a white leather outfit. White leather pants and a slick white leather top. I changed immediately. The leather fit great. We went to a bar and had some drinks. We ended up wrestling in the parking lot and I was inspired to invent a new Kung Fu/Urban street fighting form called the White Cockroach…La Cucaracha Blanca. This involves approaching your adversary rapidly backwards in a push up position and clamping down on their legs with yours and twisting to bring them to the ground. Across the street was another bar when a dude in black leather came out to the street and yelled some threat at me and said something about feeling the wrath of his ukelele, which he was holding. I ran into the center of the street and displayed my La Cucaracha Blanca technique mixed with a bit of break dancing and the adversary promptly fled into a van which pulled up to the curb.

pizza party

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Brush Dem Teethies

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Brush Dem Teethies

This is a reminder for the kids and adults about the importance of oral health. Brushing with your friends can be fun. Flossing rules. Brush dem teethies!


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Killer Orca: Archipeligo Islands

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We drove from Portland to Price Rupert B.C. which was grueling and gorgeous. It took over 24 hours. It was amazing scenery. We got on the ferry at 8am after checking in at 5am. The boat trip thru the inside passage (Alexander Archipeligo) was pretty much the most amazing voyage. Pictures can’t do it justice and neither can my words right now. We saw eagles, killer whales, dolphins, and dozens and dozens of uninhabited little islands, snow capped peaks and pristine pine forests, and amazing skies. We slept in the solarium on the upper deck. We had two chances to get off the boat briefly in Ketchikan and Wrangell. Nice totems!!!


Inverted totem

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Uff Da: Moogoo Men and Capt. Dick

by on Sep.03, 2008, under Uncategorized

Our first show in Alaska was on Mitkoff Island, in the town of Petersburg. This is a major fishing village and a temperate rain forest, in the Tongass Natl. Forest. Petersburg is known as “Little Norway”. This place rules. We played at Kito’s Kave. Thanks to Sam and all his cohorts in the Kito’s Kave drinking collective.


some kind of monster

Right before our show, the Mexican blankets which adorn the La Fonda (the Mexican Restaurant that shares a space with Kito’s) were pulled down by an awesome Mexican man and revealed nudie paintings of women on velvet. This set the party vibe.

Susan Parker

We had the MOST fun here. We played 3 sets and DJ’ed in between. Kito’s brought out the best in us.
We love Kito’s. They set us up with a trailer to stay in for three days. That was amazing generosity.

Our trailer

Barone at Raven\'s Roost Mitkoff Island

We met Capt. Dick first in Petersburg. Dude is a super awesome partier. Folks in Petersburg also hipped us to the knowledge of the Moogu men, or Cousticas. They said we were wasting our time asking anyone there about the legend of bigfoot.

Read about the Devil’s Country

yello mellow

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Fairy Barf

by on Sep.03, 2008, under Uncategorized

fairy barf

We hiked up to Raven’s Roost, the day after our show at Kito’s. We all had hangovers. We later learned about different types of Lichens, like Fairy Barf.

Maxx jump

fairy barf again

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